We're creating an online community for the Unread Shelf Project.

Overcome book guilt, conquer your TBR, and have your best reading year ever

What is The Unread Shelf Community?

The Unread Shelf Community is bringing together book lovers who are building more intentional, focused reading lives through the Unread Shelf Project - by tackling one unread book at a time. 

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Together, we accomplish the reading goals that seem impossible when we are doing it alone. We do this through monthly challenges, reading strategies, and online gatherings to equip you to make better decisions in your reading life and book buying habits.

Think of it as the book club where the only assigned reads are the ones already on your shelf.

Over the years of running the Unread Shelf, I have met countless amazing readers through my website and Instagram. And in this community, we are bringing you all together in one place to encourage and equip each other to become the readers we want to be.

If you've never heard of the Unread Shelf Project before, check out all the details by clicking here.

All classes are recorded, and replays are available within 24 hours if you can't make it live.

What does the Community do for me?

In this community, you will: 

  • experience vibrant book discussions you can't get anywhere else - no funky algorithms, broken hashtags, or social media distractions here
  • meet other book lovers who share the same goals & interests for their reading lives
  • get inspiration for your reading life through monthly video chats, reading challenges, and online classes - all included with your membership
  • learn how to make better book buying decisions and build better reading habits to cultivate the literary life you long for
  • support the mission of The Unread Shelf and keep the lights on!

About Me

I'm Whitney - book enthusiast, tea drinker, and Kansas City resident. I'm passionate about helping book lovers clear their shelves of books they don't love, read the ones they do, and create the literary lives they dream of. 

That's why I worked hard to create the Unread Shelf Project, an online reading challenge followed by thousands. Today, I am building my Mighty Network to connect readers just like me to equip and encourage them to meet their goals.